Auto Upholstery

Are you completing an auto restoration? Does your car upholstery have a large rip that exposes the stuffing or springs? Let our established team at Auto Interior Decorators provide a solution for your auto upholstery issues. Drop in today to discover the car upholstery options we have available.

What Car Upholsterers Do

Upholsterers have been around since the horse and carriage days. At one time, automotive upholsterers built custom auto upholstery for the wealthy. Today, we work on a wide range of vehicles from luxury to custom to the everyday ride. Damage to the car upholstery of the following items are things that our specialists may help with:

  • Seats – fabric, leather and vinyl options
  • Dashboards – damage may be repaired or covered up
  • Door Panels – due to the high rate of usage, the fabric or other material that covers these panels may become damaged

Car Upholstery Replacement

There are times when a repair to the auto upholstery cannot be repaired.  At these times, a replacement needs to be made.  There are other times when you want to completely customize the upholstery or match existing material due to extreme damage.  You can trust our experienced craftsmen to replace the interior of your vehicle.