Convertible Top

Convertibles come in many sizes. From a two-seat roadster to a larger four-seat luxury model. Most of the convertibles on the road today are of the luxury-brand. If you are looking to replace the convertible top on your car, stop by to see our team of experienced specialists at Auto Interior Decorators. We can help you decide what the best convertible top replacement option for your lifestyle and vehicle type happens to be.


Many convertible tops today feature a fully powered and retractable hardtop design. This allows the top to break into two or three pieces and can then be gracefully lowered into the trunk. This also:

  • Creates a visually appealing vehicle
  • Provides greater durability
  • Offers greater security
  • Fashions better visibility when up

But, hardtops are more complex versus a soft top. They add more weight to your car and takes up precious trunk space on road trips.

Soft Tops

A soft top is designed with multiple layers that help to insulate from outside noise. This also helps to protect from environmental elements, such as rain, wind and snow. A soft top will protect you from these types of elements just as well, if not better than a hardtop.